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  1. This kitten/cat is being sold as a pet only and is not to be used for breeding under any circumstances.  The Buyer will provide the Breeder with a spay/neuter certificate or receipt of completion of a spay/neuter buy the time this pet is 6 months of age.

  2. Under no circumstances will the cat be sold, leased given away, placed with any pet shop, shelter rescue group, research laboratory or similar facility during the lifetime of the kitten/cat.

  3. If the buyer wishes to transfer ownership of this cat/kitten, the breeder’s permission must be given in writing, by letter agreement or email in advance of the transfer and the new owner must agree to sign a contract with the same terms.

  4. The breeder guarantees this kitten/cat to be in good health, feline leukemia/FIV negative to the best of the breeder’s knowledge at the time of sale and will furnish documentation of such health.  The kitten/cat is guaranteed to be in sound health for a period of 72 hours of arrival.  The cat/kitten must be taken to the Buyer’s veterinarian within 72 hours of purchase or arrival if shipped.  If a licensed veterinarian finds the kitten/cat to be in ill health within that 72 hours following the sale, then the kitten/cat may be returned to the breeder in exchange for a full refund of the original purchase price.

  5. The Buyer agrees that this cat/kitten will be an INDOOR ONLY pet and will not be allowed outside under any circumstances unless in a carrier, in a secured outside enclosure, or on a harness and leash under the direct supervision of an adult owner or with the adult owner’s permission.

  6. The Buyer agrees that this kitten/cat will not be declawed (onychectomy) or have a tendonectomy performed for any reason, unless deemed absolutely necessary by a licensed veterinarian for a lifesaving procedure or the continued good health of the pet.

  7. Breeder will provide health and vaccination records, microchip information (if applicable) and CFA registration information upon purchase.  If CFA registration information is not available at the time of sale, Breeder agrees to furnish it as soon as CFA processes the registration.

  8. It is the sole responsibility of the buyer to pick up the cat/kitten or make any and all arraignments for the transportation of the pet from the breeder to the buyer within 30 days after the deposit/purchase date, unless an understanding is made that the kitten is too young to transport at the time of the deposit. Then a specific date for transfer will be agreed upon.  If the pet has not been transferred after that 30 days of the agreed upon date, the buyer will be responsible for a $10.00 per day boarding and care fee. The breeder is willing to provide information to facilitate said transfer. Any additional charges may be applicable, such as transport to airports, kennel/carrier purchases or air fare to the buyer’s destination.

  9. The undersigned are entering into this contract in good faith, with clear understanding of and full agreement to its terms and conditions. Buyer’s signature indicates full agreement to all previous conditions.

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